​Sunshine Coast                     Driving School

Services :

* Single lesson                  each lesson          90 minutes

* 4 Lesson Package         each lesson          90 minutes

* 6 Lesson Package         each lesson          90 minutes 

We also offer driver training for seniors who need to sharpen-up their driving skills  for  Driver's Retests or Assessments.

and our Graduated Licensing Program

GLP Course consists of:      18 hours Classroom / theory training

                                                14 hours in-Car training


​This course is approved by ICBC.

GLP is designed to reduce crashes through restrictions at the learner (L) licence stage and the novice (N) licence stage.

Graduated licensing is a two stage program designed to help you become a safe driver for life and reduce your risk of crashing while learning.


We teach defensive driving both in theory and in-car practice:

Roadsense, Sharing the Road, Collision Avoidance, Driving Conditions, etc.

When you successfully complete the  approved GLP Course in your learner stage, you are eligible for a six-month reduction in the novice stage,

provided you remain free of prohibitions and at-fault crashes during the 18 months of your novice stage. Students will earn 2pts credit

towards their HS Diploma.

          Our  (in-class) defensive driving theory is offered twice a year

                                          During Spring and Fall 

               For more Information please phone us: (604) 740 - 6321